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An Open Letter to Rep. Sally Kerans


October 27, 2021

Dear Representative Kerans,

As you are aware, the Massachusetts “Special Joint Committee on Redistricting” recently completed its obligation to create new House district maps for the state. Working within the framework of the Voting Rights Act and a stated objective to create new districts in the majority-minority areas of cities and towns, many borders and boundaries across the state were affected.


In the 13th Essex, the District you represent:

  • The towns of Danvers and Middleton were unchanged (although Middleton is in the process of adding their own precinct - the implications of which are unclear as of this writing).

  • Sections of Topsfield and Wenham were added.

  • In Peabody, Ward 5 Precinct 2 was moved from the 13th Essex District into the 12th, and Ward 5 Precinct 3 was moved from the 12th Essex District into the 13th Essex.

The last change is interesting in that the Committee took a small neighborhood in West Peabody out of the 13th and replaced it with another bordering small neighborhood in West Peabody. Both are identical in population and demographics. Since the change doesn’t address any of the initiatives of the stated objectives for the committee, it seems arbitrary and unnecessary.

A cynical observer might conclude that the change is an obvious maneuver to disqualify the Republican candidate for State Representative for the 13th Essex District in 2020 from running next year, effectively ‘gerrymandering’ the district to protect the seat currently held by a Democrat. You may recall the 2020 race for the seat was a closely contested affair, with none of the five candidates receiving a majority of the vote.

I have attempted to get an explanation of why the switch was necessary and have reached out to both Rep. Mike Moran (Chairman of the Special Joint Committee on Redistricting) and Rep. Brad Jones (former ranking member of the Committee on Election Laws). Neither have gotten back to me.

I request that you, as my state representative, answer the question:

Why was Peabody’s Ward 5 Precinct 2 moved from the 13th Essex District into the 12th, and Ward 5 Precinct 3 moved from the 12th Essex District into the 13th Essex?



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Let's End One Party Rule in Massachusetts

My wife Tricia and I married and moved to West Peabody in 1992 where we raised our four children, Sarah, Sydney, Spencer and Stephen. I'm a Mechanical Engineer (BS, University of Lowell) with an MBA in Finance (Northeastern). Tricia (a computer science degree from Merrimack) is a math teacher at the Higgins Middle School in Peabody.


After receiving my MBA, I worked for three years as a business consultant/trainer before starting my own electronic components company in 2002 (Techsource Thermal Solutions, Inc.) now based in Newburyport.

To date, most of my involvement in our community has been connected to the kids - coaching girls' softball and boys' basketball, PTO meetings, teaching Sunday school, etc.


Now I see a different opportunity to serve: to provide the business experience that is desperately needed on Beacon Hill. I want to apply the same common sense principles of business to the fiscal challenges facing the Commonwealth.

A 2014 Boston Globe article reported "research suggests that one-party rule increases the risk of corruption and makes it harder for voters to make informed decisions." Our area has been represented by the same two liberal Democrats for over 40 years. It's time for a change


As your next state representative, I will bring the common-sense, conservative values of the citizens of Danvers, Peabody, and Middleton back to Beacon Hill.

I will be the leader you can count on to push back on the radical left-wing proposals that are gaining traction in the Legislature. I believe in liberty, limited government and lower taxes.I have no ties to big business or the Massachusetts "political machine" and will never be influenced by special interest groups.

Running a campaign during a pandemic is a challenge, but even more so for a first-time candidate. I'd love to have you join the #maysquad to help get out my message. I look forward to hearing from you, speaking with you, and earning your vote.



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